Are you frustrated by campaign fundraising?  Tired of everyone telling you how to run your campaign except how to raise money?  You are not alone, and that’s why we created this guide to take the mystery out of campaign fundraising.

Learn everything you need to know to max out your fundraising success in the the 2018 campaign!

The Ultimate Fundraising Guide for 2018 is written and designed for Democrats running in this crucial election year.

In this guide you will learn about:

*Finding the right donor targets for your campaign
*Utilizing various solicitation methods for raising money
*How to set up a closed loop system to target, solicit, and collect campaign donations
*Cutting edge techniques for raising money
*Building a finance committee
*How to use online tactics to raise money
*How to ask for money, both in person, on the phone, in the mail, in email, via Facebook and through events
*How to use your website and email lists to raise money
*How to execute a successful fundraising event
*50 Awesome fundraising event ideas

The Ultimate Fundraising Guide for 2018 is filled with easy to use forms, examples and templates so you don’t have to recreate the wheel for fundraising activities.

Written by the team at Hewitt Campaigns, (, this a go-to resource for candidates and campaigns in the 2018 election cycle.  Our firm has been honored by Campaigns & Elections Magazine with a “Rising Star in Politics” award and his helped hundred of campaigns raise collectively over a quarter of a billion dollars.  You can also check out our work on the third party site,, where we have a FIVE STAR rating.

The Ultimate Fundraising Guide for 2018 is available via e-book and the cost is just $99.00!  Click on the button below to get your copy.